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The Elements



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The Elements

It’s picturesque performance full of vivid ultraviolet colors in a symbolic way referring to four elements: water, fire, earth and air. Generic visualization combined with musicians’ movements and dynamic dance create striking, spectacular atmosphere of the show.


Wataha Drums’ artists guide the audience through new, undiscovered world using digital scenography, original stylizations and dynamic choreography. Thanks to remarkable connection of world of nature and technology authors of performance create new-quality show. 

There is no „clear border” between real and digital characters and artists on stage can ei-ther play as a part of digital screen world or modify it with their dance and music. 
Astonishing visualizations, elegant choreography and unique stylizations are completed by emotional rhythmical music.

Show is not only relaxing entertainment and feast for the senses but for many of our viewers deeply moving emotional journey.

Time: 60 min.

Direction & Edition
Marek Smok Rajss - Wataha Drums

Sławek Fąfara
Kornelia Modrzejewska
Karol Jadach

Tomasz Marzec
Mateusz Sarapata
Andrij Vołynko
Marcin Wolski

Anita Szydłowska
Michał Adamowicz
Yelizaveta Janicka
Luiza Sczerbowska

Sound & Mastering 
Marek Smok Rajss - 3D Sound Studio

Costumes & Bodypainting
Anna Seręga

Assistant Production
Ewa Szawul



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