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Drum & Fight is a dynamic show of Wataha Drums which combines the elements of theatre, music and dance. It is based on rhythm, generative visualizations and artis-tically arranged martial art scenes.
Performance take viewers to a mysterious world of imagination. 

Drum & Fight is a symbolic travel through virtual, amazing worlds full of unknown and new to explore.
The leitmotif of the performance is the energy as a symbol of life and creation. En-ergy and dynamism are tools to expand horizons and create unforgettable viewers’ impression. 

Dancers and musicians lead audience through the enchanting story of a new world. Together with the audience they try to find an answer to newly arisen questions: „Could we create a world from the scratch and make it last?”, „Which values should we follow this time to make it a better place?” 
Disappointed in old ways of communications which failed, characters of the perfor-mance try to create a new one - based on music, sound and motion. 

Picturesque stylizations and fascinating visualizations create unforgettable atmos-phere. Unique choreography synchronized with digital scenography as well as drummers’ and dancers’ movements invite viewers to leave reality apart for this special moment and to be a part of this freshly arising, new world. 

Time: 60 min.

Direction & Music
Marek Smok Rajss


Marek Rajss 

Ewa Szawul 

Assistance Direction 
Ewa Szawul 

Michał Adamowicz
Magdalena Konopek
Marek Smok Rajss

Assistant Choreography
Maciej Talik

Tips for actors
Ziuta Zającówna 

Krzysztof Wirkus 

Video Edition
Piotr Słodkowicz

Costumes and Stylization
Anna Seręga


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